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waxing services

eyebrow design  $25

Eyebrows frame the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. Discover the best shape for your eyebrows without sacrificing their natural appearance. Service includes brow shaping, fixing, tinting, make-up. Retail items also available.

brow clean up  $18

For those who have defined brows and just need a little maintenance, light waxing and tweezing is performed under a magnifying light.

lip  $18

It is not uncommon for women to develop darker or coarser hairs around the mouth. This hair growth is due to certain hormonal changes. Waxing the lip is a simple process that sometimes the skin stays red a bit longer in this area. So don’t schedule your lip wax on the same day as a special event.

chin  $20

There’s no point in being embarrassed about it. Most women will acquire some, at least mild, beard growth at some point in their life. A professional chin wax will leave you whisker free for weeks!

nose / nostril lining  $15

Before you think “Ouch”, most clients say it doesn’t hurt at all and gives you that polished, clean look.

cheeks  $35

For women, hair on the cheeks usually grows in light, but can quickly become unsightly. For men, waxing the cheeks is a convenient way to begin eliminating the daily hassle of shaving.

face  $75

Your face wax includes a lip wax, a chin wax, along the sides of the jawline, and depending on the individual, sometimes a brow wax. By combining several different waxing areas, you save money over the individual menu prices.

half leg  $55

A half-leg wax is when hair is removed only from the lower half of the legs, or from the top of the knees down to the feet.

full leg  $80

A full leg wax is when the hair is removed from the bikini line down to the feet. It does not include a bikini wax.

half arm  $45

Removes unwanted hair from your wrist to elbow.

full arm  $60

Bare those arms, with our waxing service designed to smooth and remove unwanted hair from your wrist to shoulder.

underarm  $30

Some people are nervous about getting this area waxed, but let me assure you that once you try it you will be hooked. It’s not particularly painful and gives a completely smooth underarm for weeks. For people with dark hair and light skin, it’s the only way to get a truly smooth underam.

bikini  $40

You keep your underwear on during a bikini wax, and we pull up the sides so we can remove any hair outside of the elastic line. We may also clean up the top line if needed. For some women, there is hair on the inside of their legs and on their upper thighs that also needs to be removed.

brazilian  $75

You take your underwear off during a Brazilian wax, because the defining feature of a Brazilian is that hair along the labia and between the cheeks is removed. In a full Brazilian, all the hair is removed.

chest  $95

Includes pecs & stomach.

back  $95

Includes neck hairline, shoulders, back and just below the belt line.

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